Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 46 / 16 November 2017

Nightlife - Gary Numan

Gary Numan continues to inspire a diverse world of musicians, from Trent Reznor to the Foo Fighters. Unlike so many other musicians who were working in the 1980s, he never stopped. When the spotlight left him in the '90s, he continued to build his craft. You have an opportunity to come along for a marvelous ride with a musician at the peak of his powers when he performs at the Fillmore on November 19. (read more)

On the Tab
Nightlife events
November 16-23

How much fun can you fit in one week? In your pants? In your purse? In your long-johns? Find out with our abundant nightlife listings. We're packing. (read more)

Nightlife -
Sibling super-singers

Have you heard the one about the sexy princess who married her own hunk of a brother? It's a story that the Disney Company doesn't want to even cross your mind (Oops, sorry!). (read more)

On the Town -
Sparkling support

With so many natural disasters surfacing all over the world, it is easy to become overwhelmed and simply throw one's hands in the air. Local benefits bring needed help and bring communities together. (read more)

Shining Stars - Onyx Men @ Powerhouse

Onyx Men, the national organization for Men of Color into Leather, recently hosted an event at The Powerhouse in SoMa (1347 Folsom St (read more)

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