Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 11 / 15 March 2018

Theatre - Mama's girl

For decades, comic actress Vicki Lawrence has had an enthusiastic following in the gay community, but she still isn't sure exactly why. (read more)

Dance - Monster mash

The atmosphere was electric in the Opera House last Thursday for San Francisco Ballet's revival of "Frankenstein." The crackle in the air recalled that of last year's premiere, when the house was completely sold out and tickets could not be had for the Western Hemisphere premiere of Liam Scarlett's ballet. Scarlett is the youngest-ever choreographer in Residence for the Royal Ballet (London), who had co-commissioned the piece with SFB. (read more)

Music - Guest conductor roulette

For the past two weeks at Davies Symphony Hall, the San Francisco Symphony played host to a pair of talented guest conductors. (read more)

Out There - Mid-March OT playlist

We all thrilled to singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens crooning "Mystery of Love" from "Call Me By Your Name," nominated for Best Original Song, at the Academy Awards earlier this month. (read more)

Books - Scissor sister

If you're a sporadic drag queen like me, the pink, purple, and silver glitter palette on the cover of Jake Shears' new memoir should be enough to draw you in. (read more)

Arts events: March 15-22

Overture, hit the lights. This is it, the night or nights...or the matinee. Timing is everything. (read more)

Theatre - Stephen Sondheim's baby steps

"Saturday Night" was supposed to be Stephen Sondheim's first Broadway musical, and the 66-year journey to its San Francisco premiere... (read more)

Theatre - Opening-night jitters behind the scenes

There's a marvelous scene in the second act of Terrence McNally's "It's Only a Play" in which a self-involved wunderkind director has a meltdown... (read more)

Film - Culture shock

"Oh Lucy!" is that rare foreign-language social comedy that one should not arrive late for. (read more)

Books - The ends of the affair

I wouldn't call voyeurism the theme of Alan Hollinghurst's absorbing new novel "The Sparsholt Affair" (Knopf), but it is its seed, its germ. (read more)

Film - Coming out in love

A best-selling teen novel has become this spring's most charming gay film. (read more)

Fine Arts - Let's get metaphysical!

Wars have been waged and masterpieces created, all in the name of religion. (read more)

DVD - Bawdy shenanigans in London

When "Tom Jones" was given the Best Picture Oscar of 1963, it was one of the very few times the top honor was given to a comedy. (read more)

Film - Dance of defense

Israeli writer-director Samuel Maoz is diabolically clever in using the metaphor of an old-fashioned dance – the kind they used to teach in school... (read more)

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